Today in ICT we used Tagxedo to create a word cloud for our PPT presentation about ‘Water’, here is an example of what you can create using Tagxedo.



In class the students in 3/4 A have been discussing ways to be SMART, SAFE and RESPONSIBLE users of ICT. They explored the issue of cyberbullying and possible consequences of sharing personal information online. Each student has a personal login and password to protect their files and is aware of the importance of this.

Click here to view the cybersafe website that students enjoyed navigating through

Dance Mat Typing link to practise at home!


11 thoughts on “ICT

  1. Hi, I’m Sam, I have loved doing ICT this term because last week we got to start making a power point with Jill about Water A Vital Resource. It was really fun making the front cover and Jill taught us how to use different fonts and everyone made really cool ones.

  2. HI Andrea it was fun when Jill came to take ICT because we got to do our own background and it was fun learning how to do all these different fonts.

  3. Hi 3/4’s
    Tagxedo is really cool and fun to play around with.
    I also liked making our power points and learning how to get
    different backgrounds.

  4. Hi 3/4’s
    I loved tagxedo was so cool and fun to do. The power points about Water a vital resourse was fun and I learnt how to put colorful backgrounds.

    P.S Jill is a computer expert.

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